About the Show

Host: Paul Richards

Paul Richards is the dedicated HuddleCamHD Live host. Paul is the Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at HuddleCamHD. Each week Paul brings in various co-hosts and guests to talk about video conferencing and live broadcast technology.

Co-Host: Patrick Kirby

Patrick Kirby is the show’s alternate co-host. Patrick is tri-lingual [English, Spanish, Chinese] and he works with HuddleCamHD’s global customers. With a international business major from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Patrick brings a wide variety of experience to the show.

Technical Expert: Andrew Chatfield

Andrew Chatfield is HuddleCamHD’s technical support manager. Andy has the most “hand’s on” broadcast and live streaming experience out of the bunch with 10+ years in the audio visual integration industry. Andy has worked with everything from Tricasters, to matrix switchers to USB conference cameras. Andy runs his own music studio and is usually the guy making sure everything is working in the background.

Product Manager: Matthew Davis

Matthew Davis is the lead product manager for HuddleCamHD. Matt is the lead engineer working with his team to keep PTZOptics products innovative. Matt is tier 3 support for the most advanced PTZOptics integration projects. He will appear occasionally on the show as a technical expert.